Resolution 2013-2: Adopted: Rehabilitation Re-affirmation

Resolution 2013-1: Adopted: Simulations of Blindness

Resolution 2011-1: Adopted: October 15 as CFB White Cane Day

The Official Position Statement of the Canadian Federation of the Blind (CFB) Concerning the Rehabilitation of Blind Canadians

Resolution 2009-01: Adopted: Blindness Skills Rehabilitation

Motion: Carried: Bus Pass

Resolution 1999-01: Adopted: NFB Philosophy

Resolution 1999-02: Adopted: Blind Educators

Resolution 1999-03: Adopted: NFB Conventions

Resolution 1999-04: Adopted: Stand on Traditional Agency Model

Resolution 1999-05: Adopted: NFB Membership

Resolution 1999-06: Adopted: Organized Blind Movement/ Membership Rights