Meet Guide Dog Owners in Victoria at BC Ministry of Justice December 3 at 1:30

Please come and meet our guide dog owners and their companions this Thursday, at 1:30 p.m. outside the Ministry of Justice, 1001 Douglas Street, Victoria, British Columbia and learn the news that will change lives.

Canadian Federation of the Blind will demand the end to discrimination spearheaded by those whose responsibility it is to protect the disabled.

“Taxi drivers use phony dog allergy claims to deny service to people who use guide dogs. Unbelievably the BC Human Rights Tribunal has bought into this sham,” said Mary Ellen Gabias, President of Canadian Federation of the Blind.

Evidence shows no driver allergies exist in any of the published British Columbia human rights cases. Blind people and their trusted guides now have no remedy when drivers discriminate against them. The Human Rights Tribunal is ignoring the facts and destroying guide dog owners’ access rights on a taxi driver’s whim.

Blind citizens will challenge this notion and will be making an important announcement on Thursday, December 3, on the International Day for People with Disabilities.