Lions iPhone Project for the Blind

Recognizing the iPhone as a very powerful information access tool for the blind, the Lions Clubs from District 19, represented mostly by clubs situated on Vancouver Island, are excited to be sponsoring a project that will see blind individuals be equipped with their very own unlocked iPhone 5S, valued at $715.68 each.

In partnership with the Canadian Federation of the Blind (CFB), the iPhone project goals are to: boost individuals’ employment prospects, enhance individuals’ independence, increase community participation, integration, and generally, improve one’s quality of life.

We encourage all interested blind Canadians to apply in writing, by submitting a brief request letter, and email it to:

Please make the subject text: “Lion’s iPhone Project”, and in the body of the message, provide your street address, phone number and a statement about how the iPhone would specifically benefit you in relation to the above project goals.

Approved applicants will be prioritized and wait-listed for iPhones, as new units become available. (The program will initially be launched on Vancouver Island but as success is demonstrated there, the Lion’s iPhone committee will encourage clubs to become sponsors in other regions across Canada where applicants reside.) Individuals receiving the iPhones are responsible for purchasing the apps they require and for their own on-going monthly data and cell-phone plan expenses.

Members of the Canadian Federation of the Blind (CFB) will provide the iPhone recipients with beginner’s device orientation, information on useful blindness-specific iPhone apps, and on-going mentoring support, via CFB’s TeamTalk audio server. The iPhone recipients’ names and circumstances will be shared with interested Lions Clubs, to promote the program and enable project outcome evaluation.